HS2 to assess feasibility of advanced digital technologies for asset management

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HS2 has partnered with Digital Catapult to harness the opportunities presented by new technologies to develop, run and maintain Britain’s new high-speed rail network.

HS2 to assess feasibility of advanced technologies to manage assets

Credit: HS2 Ltd - Augmented reality at HS2's Old Oak Common Station.

HS2 is linking with Digital Catapult, the UK’s leading advanced digital technology innovation centre, to identify and secure the potential that is offered by emerging technologies, such as 5G and machine learning.

As part of a three-year framework agreement, HS2 will draw on Digital Catapult’s expertise to harness opportunities to develop, run and maintain Britain’s new high-speed rail network. Together, they will assess the feasibility of using advanced digital technologies to manage assets during the construction of the railway, to help to predict maintenance requirements during its operation and to create a long lasting innovation legacy for the project.

The partnership’s first project, starting in May 2021, will explore how 5G wireless technology could help to monitor HS2 infrastructure, such as bridges and tunnels. By replacing fixed cabled equipment, it could potentially enable the flexible, easy and fast deployment of monitoring systems anywhere along the route.

HS2 Ltd‘s Innovation Manager, Andrew Pestana, said: “The boundaries of what digital systems could deliver for HS2 are likely to be far reaching. Linking with Digital Catapult will ensure that HS2’s innovation programme is plugged into this dynamic and exciting environment to harness digital opportunities for designing, building and running Britain’s new high-speed rail network.”  

Dr David Pugh at Digital Catapult commented: “Innovation with cutting edge, emerging technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence are set to play an increasingly large role in the success of significant national infrastructure projects like HS2. We’re looking forward to working with HS2 to explore how these technologies can create a long term innovation legacy and impact.”

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