ÖBB begin main construction work on hypo-underpass in Bregenz

ÖBB will be extensively modernising the main platform and island platforms on the hypo-underpass at Bregenz train station.

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ÖBB have started main construction work on the hypo underpass at Bregenz train station, which serves as a popular connection between the city and Lake Constance and is an important access point to the platforms. According to the planning agreement that was reached, the underpass is currently being made more attractive and barrier-free. After completing the preliminary work, ÖBB Infrastructure AG will start the extensive main work on the project on 8 August 2022. Important track construction work) will be carried out on this train and the island platforms, and roofing will also be renewed. The hypo-underpass will remain closed for the entire duration of the work.

(c) ÖBB

Construction work on the new technology building has already begun, with a special climate concrete being used. By using the innovative climate concrete, less cement is required than a comparable reference concrete. Due to the carbon introduced instead of the cement, CO2 is permanently bound in the building material. In the best-case scenario, the innovative climate concrete balances out the climate balance of the resource-intensive building material cement and a climate-positive building material can be created.

As a comprehensive mobility and logistics service provider, ÖBB brought a total of 323 million passengers and over 94 million tons of goods to their destinations in 2021 in a climate-friendly and environmentally friendly manner. Because the electricity for trains and stations comes 100 per cent from renewable energies. With around 97 per cent punctuality in passenger transport, ÖBB is one of the most punctual railways in Europe. Across the group, almost 42,000 bus and train employees and an additional 2,000 apprentices ensure that up to 1.3 million travellers and around 1,300 freight trains reach their destinations safely every day. ÖBB is the backbone of public transport and, as Austria’s largest climate protection company, brings people and goods to their destinations safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. The Group’s strategic lead company is ÖBB-Holding AG.

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  1. Thomas Tuttle says:

    During this construction project of the Hypo link to the tracks, how does one access the platforms for boarding and disembarking?

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