Alstom sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement with the Government of Hungary

Relations between Alstom and the Hungarian Government have been strengthened thanks to the new Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Alstom signing a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Hungarian Government

Credit Alstom

Alstom and the Government of Hungary have announced that they have signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Budapest, in the presence of Henri Poupart-Lafarge, CEO of Alstom, Balázs Gáspár, General Manager of Alstom Transport Hungary Zrt, and Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the Hungarian Government.

The agreement reinforces Alstom’s engagement, which has been present in Hungary for decades, in enhancing the performance of the Hungarian economy and increasing its international competitiveness.

Both parties intent is to further strengthen cooperation with regards to the development of the transport industry, leveraging Alstom’s innovative world-class solutions and technological innovations, potential expansion of the Hungarian product range and increased manufacturing capacity; as well as creating new, stable jobs and professional training.

Signing the agreement

Péter Szijjártó underlined that in the current severe economic crisis, it is extremely important to maintain economic growth, to gain investors’ confidence and attract new investments from large international companies. He also highlighted Alstom’s role in innovation, and research and development, highlighting the company’s development of the world’s first hydrogen train, which could be an important element for the future of energy security. Therefore, cooperation in this field could lead to furthering this collaborative partnership.

“I am really pleased by the signature of this Strategic Cooperation Agreement between the Hungarian Government and Alstom,” Henri Poupart-Lafarge, CEO of Alstom, said. “It will strengthen the development of Hungary’s railway sector, economy and international competitiveness. I believe that with this Strategic Agreement, there is much more innovations coming to Hungary, with Alstom.”

“The Strategic Cooperation Agreement we have just signed will strengthen our relations, raise them to a higher level and open up new opportunities for partnership,” Gáspár Balázs, General Manager of Alstom Hungary, said. “We have been present in Hungary for more than 20 years. We can be proud that the bogies for the world’s first hydrogen train are produced in our Matranovak Site!”

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