Northern reminds carers of 25% discount during Carers Week 2024

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Northern urges carers to take advantage of a 25% discount on Advance Purchase tickets as part of its support during Carers Week 2024.

Northern reminds carers of 25% discount during Carers Week 2024

Credit: Northern

Northern, a prominent train operator in the North of England, has reminded carers of a special discount available to them during Carers Week 2024. The company is offering a 25% discount on Advance Purchase tickets across its extensive network, amounting to 2,500 services daily. This initiative, facilitated through Discounts for Carers in partnership with Network, aims to support the 5.7 million unpaid carers across the UK who play a vital role in caring for their loved ones.

Stuart Taylor, Head of Commercial Development at Northern, emphasised the importance of recognising carers and their essential contributions, stating, “There are 5.7 million unpaid carers in the UK providing essential support to friends or family members. With their thoughts focused on the welfare of others, it’s easy for those providing care to forget they themselves are eligible for support – in our case, a 25% discount on Advance Purchase tickets. Carers, both paid and unpaid, do an amazing job and we’re happy to support them by offering this special discount on their journeys.”

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Carers Week itself serves as an annual campaign to raise awareness of caregiving, highlighting the challenges faced by carers and celebrating their significant impact on families and communities nationwide.

Northern, as the second largest train operator in the UK, operates a comprehensive network serving over 500 stations, ensuring accessibility and support for all passengers, including those benefiting from these special discounts.

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