Alstom signs €2.8 billion deal with Hamburger Hochbahn for metro trains and signalling

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Alstom has signed a €2.8 billion agreement with Hamburger Hochbahn AG to deliver up to 374 new metro trains and equip the U5 line with advanced signalling systems.

Alstom signs €2.8 billion deal with Hamburger Hochbahn for metro trains and signalling

Credit: Alstom

Alstom has announced that it has signed a framework agreement with Hamburger Hochbahn AG, potentially worth up to €2.8 billion. The contract involves the delivery of up to 374 new metro trains for fully and semi-automated operation, alongside the Urbalis Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) system for the 25km long, fully automated new metro line U5. The first call-off includes 48 metro trains and the CBTC equipment for the initial section of the U5 line, covering five of the 23 new stations, with a value of approximately €670 million.

The agreement comprises 254 semi-automated and 120 fully automated (GoA4) metro trains, each consisting of four cars. These trains will offer high capacity, enhanced passenger safety and comfort, featuring modern interiors, digital passenger guidance and USB charging ports. Fully automated trains are designated for the U5 line, currently under construction, while semi-automated trains will replace existing DT4 vehicles on the current network.

Müslüm Yakisan, President of the DACH region at Alstom, said: “With the new metro trains and the equipping of the fully automated U5 line with innovative control and safety technology, Hamburg is meeting the growing demand for mobility and sending an international signal for digital and green mobility.”

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The U5 line will be equipped with Alstom’s Urbalis signalling solution, enabling driverless operation to improve punctuality, frequency and energy efficiency. The line will eventually transport approximately 270,000 passengers daily, with trains running at 90-second intervals.

Production of the new DT6 metro trains will commence at Alstom’s Salzgitter, Germany, facility in 2026, with deliveries starting in early 2028. The first section of the U5 line is scheduled to begin passenger operations in 2029. Alstom’s Berlin site will lead the digital rail segment, including signalling.

Robert Henrich, CEO of Hamburger Hochbahn AG, said: “With the new vehicles, we are modernising our fleet and creating the conditions for fully automatic operation on the U5. The new DT6 will offer customers a completely new experience – from the interior design, transparency and brightness to the modern information systems that provide passengers with optimum orientation. All to the highest technical standard. At the same time, the new subway trains will shape Hamburg’s cityscape like no other vehicle.”

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