Railsystems RP GmbH orders two Vectron Dual Mode trains from Siemens

Posted: 18 November 2019 | | No comments yet

The Vectron Dual Mode locomotives run on a combination of diesel and electric fuel, offering a more sustainable approach to rail transport.

Railsystems RP GmbH orders two Vectron Dual Mode trains from Siemens

Copyright: Siemens Mobility

Railsystems RP GmbH have placed an order for two Vectron Dual Mode trains from Siemens Mobility, the first order for the new locomotive that functions on both diesel and electric fuel. 

The locomotives enable operators to increase sustainable operations over the entirety of the vehicle’s life cycle. They are also able to operate through gaps in the electrified sections and, as a result, eliminate the need to switch locomotives and reduce emissions in major cities.

CEO of Siemens Mobility, Sabrina Soussan, said: “With the Vectron Dual Mode, Railsystems RP GmbH is getting a locomotive that combines the best of two worlds: On electrified routes, the Vectron Dual Mode is powered by electricity to save fuel and reduce maintenance costs. On rail routes without overhead wires, the Vectron can shift to diesel operation without the operator having to change locomotives.” 

The vehicles are specifically designed for freight service in Germany, operating on a 1,435mm track gauge and weighing 90 tonnes. Regardless of whether it is operating on electricity or diesel, traction power at the wheel rim is 2,000kW and the top speed is 160km/h.