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e-Book: Using digital to improve the customer experience in transport

Posted: 7 February 2019 | | 2 comments

The transport sector is undergoing a digital transformation. Transport companies are adapting their business strategies and adopting digital technology to update legacy systems and join up disparate data with the aim of driving performance, improving efficiency, and enhancing the customer experience.

Whether train and bus operating companies like it or not, they are now part of the customer service industry, and are being held to account by their digitally savvy customers. This is one of the reasons the UK’s largest travel groups are now seeking ways to use digital to improve the end-to-end customer experience for their passengers.

Everything from browsing for tickets, making a purchase, informing passengers of delays, to then providing a slick onboard experience is undergoing a digital enhancement. The incentive to digitise is not only being driven by changing customer expectations, but competition too. Transport providers are having to compete with other modes of transport to attract passengers on to their services, as well as going head-to-head with startups disrupting within their sector.

Bus and rail operators know that the only way to attract loyalty to their services is to improve the quality of their customers’ lives. This means they need to make it easier for them to purchase a ticket on any device, update them in real time on disruption and tell them how else they can get home if there are major delays. Within this ebook we will explore the rise of the digitally-fuelled trend of Mobility as a Service.

We’ll travel around the globe to explore the innovators shaking up the transport sector. Ahead of the national roll out of the smart card scheme at the end of this year, we’ll take a look at new payment systems and highlight the merits of ticketless tickets in the form of virtual cards on smartphones.

Plus, we’ll share our ideas about how we believe digital can add value and improve the customer experience specifically within rail. Finally, we’ll finish off with an exclusive interview with River Tamoor Baig, CEO of Hack Partners and the man behind the hugely respected annual HackTrain, the most innovative RailTech event in Europe.

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2 responses to “e-Book: Using digital to improve the customer experience in transport”

  1. Thomas Haiz says:

    Only with digital based solutions we will change the needs of PublicTransport in the future.

  2. R. Kottai says:

    Great to see this industry embracing digital experience management.

    Would love to see what happens when you apply real-time onboard engagement tools for passengers. In a healthcare setting it has been transformational.

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