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Turkey uses resources wisely to develop rail network

13 February 2015 | By Suleyman Karaman, Director General, Turkish State Railways

Since 2003, the Turkish government has been paying great importance to investing in the country’s railway system and deeming the mode as being one of the most important aspects of growing sustainable development. Süleyman Karaman, Director General of Turkish State Railways (TCDD), explains that resources have been allocated to the…


Turkey’s Marmaray Project: a 153-year-old dream becomes reality

11 April 2014 | By Süleyman Karaman, Director General and Chairman of the Board, Turkish State Railways (TCDD)

On 29 October 2013, an inauguration ceremony took place in Turkey to mark the opening of a rail tunnel beneath the Bosphorus, connecting the European and Asian sides of Istanbul. Part of the wider Marmaray Project, this rail connection is built 60m below sea level and is the world’s deepest…


Turkey’s continuing developments

11 April 2012 | By Süleyman Karaman, Director General and Chairman of the Board, Turkish State Railways (TCDD)

The history of railways in Turkey can be analysed in four periods. First was the Ottoman Period between 1856 and 1922 when foreigners were granted concessions and 4,136km of railway lines were constructed. Second was the Republic Period between 1923 and 1950 when developments were fast and bright and 3,764km…


Turkey storms ahead with developments and investments

6 April 2011 | By Süleyman Karaman, Director General and Chairman of the Board, Turkish State Railways (TCDD)

When the worldwide and European Union transportation policies of the last 30-years are analysed, it will be observed that some radical changes have taken place elevating railways to a prioritised position so that the share of railways in the transportation sector increases and a balance between the transportation modes is…


Major projects keep Turkey on track

5 April 2010 | By Süleyman Karaman, Director General and Chairman of the Board, Turkish State Railways

TCDD, Turkish State Railways, is forging ahead with high-speed projects and other infrastructure developments to ensure they continue to provide effective, efficient and up-to-date passenger transportation for their country.


Allocation of resources secure long-term growth

8 April 2008 | By İsa Apaydin, Deputy Director General, Turkish Railways (TCDD)

The history of Turkish Railways started with the construction of the I.zmir-Aydın line during the Ottoman period in 1856. During this period, 8,500km of railway lines were constructed and 4,000km of the total length of this network remained within the existing national boundaries.


ITA COSUF – scope, activities & structure

26 November 2007 | By Dipl.-Ing. Felix Amberg, President of COSUF and Chairman of Amberg Engineering Ltd/Hagerbach Test Gallery Ltd and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Haack, Past-Chairman, STUVA e.V.,

COSUF – the ITA-Committee on Operational Safety of Underground Facilities, was set-up in May 2005 at the ITA World Tunnel Congress in Istanbul, Turkey. This important step followed a joint initiative of eight European research projects which all aimed at improved tunnel safety after the disastrous fire accidents in various…


Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line project

30 April 2007 | By Mustafa Cavusoglu, Deputy General Director, TCDD

The Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed Train Project is the first high-speed train line of Turkey and is being realized in two phases – the first being the 251km Sincan-Inönü section and the second being the 158km Inönü-Köseköy section. The 24km Ankara-Sincan and 56km long Köseköy-Gebze sections will be completed by being tendered…