Transfesa Logistics and DB Cargo UK launch express freight connection to UK

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With the introduction of the new daily express service, Transfesa Logistics is now able to transport vital supplies needed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Transfesa Logistics launches express freight connection to UK

Credit: Transfesa Logistics

Transfesa Logistics and DB Cargo UK have announced they have recently introduced a new express 72-hour rail connection that is working to transport essential supplies – such as food, hygiene and medical products – from its terminals in Valencia and Murcia to London. With the launch of these rail routes, the companies have adapted their services to the current increase in demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the delivery and receipt of food items is taking precedence.

CEO of Transfesa Logistics, Bernd Hullerum, said: “This is another step in the development of our international corridors, thus expanding services to a strategic segment. In Valencia, we have also just opened a 2,000m² warehouse for food products. The railway is, now more than ever, the most sustainable and reliable means of transport.”

Hans-Georg Werner, CEO of DB Cargo UK, said: “DB Cargo UK are delighted to be working with our DB Cargo group partners at Transfesa Logistics to deliver essential rail freight services across the continent in these challenging times. Rail freight has a vital role to play in the sustainable transportation of international goods and it’s more important than ever that we ensure these supplies reach the UK.”

To respond to the needs of fleets with special characteristics, such as those for perishable supplies, Transfesa Logistics is transporting this type of traffic in refrigerated boxes, thus expanding the activity that the company had so far operated on a national and international scale.

These lines currently serve various companies within the sector to transport fruit and vegetables. The objective is to develop these railway operations by introducing a daily train service. For this purpose, a lighter UNIT 45-type box has been incorporated, which allows approximately 30 containers per train to be moved. As a result, more products can be included and the capacity of each operation can be expanded.

Additionally, the introduction of the new daily connection will subsequently result in a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions, as transporting the goods by rail means that up to 30 trucks will no longer be required to transport the goods by road.

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