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Issue 2 2017



Elizabeth line train’s put through their paces

21 March 2017 | By

The Elizabeth line rolling stock fleet is currently undergoing a number of trials and tests ahead of being put into passenger service in May 2017. Howard Smith, Operations Director for the Elizabeth line at Transport for London (TfL), provides an insight that includes tests for extreme weather conditions.


Meeting the challenges of a more standardised railway

19 March 2017 | By

It has been 25 years since considerations at a European level were initiated by several organisations (the EU, the railways under the umbrella of the UIC and the signalling and telecom industries) to meet the challenges of having a more standardised railway, but additional developments are still required to achieve…


Making ProRail a more sustainable railway network operator

19 March 2017 | By Karen te Boome, Manager of Environment and Sustainability at ProRail

ProRail – the Dutch railway network operator – is passionate about sustainability. But a completely sustainable railway doesn’t just materialise overnight. Small incremental steps are being taken every day with significant progress being made in several key areas. In this article for Global Railway Review, Karen te Boome, Manager of…


Bringing high-speed rail to America

19 March 2017 | By

Amidst America’s transportation problems, high-speed rail is finally under construction in Califor nia with other projects around the country advancing through study and planning stages. President and CEO of the US High Speed Rail Association (USHSR), Andy Kunz , explains to Global Railway Review that this progress could signal a…


Building London’s new east-to-west railway sustainably

19 March 2017 | By Rob Paris, Head of Sustainability and Consents at Crossrail

Crossrail’s Sustainability Strategy, published shortly after construction began in 2009, cemented the project’s aspiration to be much more than a railway. As a publicly-funded infrastructure project – the largest in Europe – Crossrail had the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the UK’s sustainability objectives by promoting sustainable transport…


After 10 years, IRIS enters a new phase

19 March 2017 | By Angela de Heymer, Senior Manager, IRIS

Ten years since the IRIS Certification™ was established, it is now a well-known business management system in the rail sector that enables any railway component supplier to meet globally recognised levels of quality for its railway products. IRIS Senior Manager, Angela de Heymer , outlines the latest developments of the…


DB’s advances in Condition-Based Maintenance and failure forecasting for rolling stock

16 March 2017 | By , ,

Today’s maintenance systems for rail vehicles and infrastructure are characterised by a combination of scheduled maintenance and unscheduled repair. Preventive maintenance entails inspection based on pre-defined intervals with replacement or overhaul of components being carried out before failure occurs, and corrective maintenance with repair or replacement happens in the event…


Digital solutions for rail freight of the future

16 March 2017 | By

VTG AG is launching a new digital service. In future, customers will be able to access location and event data to make maintenance and logistics processes faster, smoother and more efficient. The underlying telematics system will be rolled-out over the next four years, bringing connectivity to the company’s entire European…