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Nokia is the world leader in GSM-Railway and a frontrunner in the development of FRMCS/5G. Nokia has provided networking, cybersecurity, IoT and analytics solutions to mainline and metro rail operators worldwide.

Mainline and metro transit railways provide reliable, safe, on-time, journeys for millions of people and products every day, playing a critical role in our communities and our economies. Digital railway can deliver new and fully connected rail experiences. With a reliable, secure communications network from Nokia, railway operators benefit from new levels of ‘connectedness’ and automation – while reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing overall service.

Nokia’s advanced analytics solution combines our industry leading mission-critical connectivity networks with IoT-based digital automation solutions, helping railway operators intelligently manage assets and automate intelligence.

The digital transformation of the railway has been underway for more than a decade now, but we are entering an exciting phase. New technologies such as IoT, machine learning and AI will enable use cases and applications that we can hardly even imagine today. Critical to all of these technologies will be a highly advanced, flexible and automatable communications system that ensures the capacity, responsiveness and security that railways will require. Over the next decade, railway operators will evolve to FRMCS.

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