SBB Swiss Federal Railways
Hilfikerstr. 1
3000 Bern 65

+41 51 220 11 11


SBB Swiss Federal Railways is shaping the mobility of the future – simple, personal, connected.

SBB keeps Switzerland moving – just under 33,000 employees make sure that passengers and goods reach their destinations safely, comfortably and on time and they do this every day around the clock.

 The railway transcends all linguistic, cultural and political boundaries to bring Switzerland together, and in economic and social terms, it makes a vital contribution to the quality of life and competitiveness of our country. However, SBB is much more than just a modern, efficient railway company. As an employer and contractor, a property owner and a real estate manager, SBB takes responsibility for Switzerland, its regions and the environment.

 SBB is setting the course for the mobility of the future. SBB wants to remain a strong railway as well as a reliable mobility service provider and development partner. It is combining the strengths of the railway with the potential of new technology, leading to innovations such as new services for door-to-door journeys, digital stations, smart freight wagons and even capacity increases thanks to enhanced railway technology.

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